There once was a loli who went unseen. She was abandoned by her parents at a young age, when she realized what happened she decided to steal. She stole and stole untill a rumor spread around that a loli will come when you least expect it and rob you blind. She stole everything from babies to rotten cheese. She once stole another loli the reason was unkown . The loli was a depressed because she couldnt return home. The thief asked the loli " whats wrong with here , you can have all the treasure you want." The loli relpied " i cant see my parents again, can i?" The thief got tired of all the " family" nonsense and picked up a knife. The loli quickly ran but to no luck failed to outrun the Thief. The theif stabbed the loli quickly and quitly , the loli slowly bleed or so she thought. Turns out the thief stabbed her with a strawberry. The loli asked " WHAT THE HELL?!" The thief replied " i dont know , it seemed fun. The loli got mad and stabbed the Thief for real killing her instantly, She regreted it as soon as she did it but stopped caring soon after she saw that jewl around her neck. She grabbed it and ran , she ran for days on end as she stole everything she could. This is the incomplete story of the murderous loli theif cycle.